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Internet Basics
Learn about the the wonderful internet.
 Chapter 2 - Internet Basics
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  The Internet, this wonderful tool which allows what you are reading to be served to your computer screen anywhere in the world. How does this incredible technology work? How can you have instant access to any person or any information in your very home? How do I, Ross, put your pictures on this thing called the web, to be magically viewed by you all?

The best way to look at the " Web " is to look at it as you would look at a telephone grid. A grid being just a network or neighborhood of telephones connected by those ugly black wires strung between post along the side of your street. At this very moment, if you have a telephone, your house is connected to a vast network. Anyone on this planet with a phone can send a signal through those black wires to your very own house. This has been possible for many decades now, so you should feel pretty comfortable with it already. A grid also meaning that you do not have millions of direct lines from your house to everyone else with a telephone connection, that would be a mess! Your signal is routed or guided through the network of telephone lines to end up at it's destination.

Now, when you pick up your phone what is the first thing you do? You dial a number. Well guess what? Every website you visit has a number, much like a telephone number. When you type a website address into your browser or click on a link to another site your computer sends a signal over a network, in this case the internet, to convert the letters of the typed address into the site's unique number. This number is called an IP Address. The number which appears to your computer when you type in our address,, is "" . Here is a test, the IP Address of is "" , go up to your address bar in your browser and type that number in, just the number will do not need to enter www or anything else. Look what happens, you go to the yahoo website! Some of you more astute students might try to type our IP Address into your browser expecting to arrive at the Armer start page. This is not the case, we only have space on a computer, or server, not an entire server, Yahoo owns it's own entire server. Every single computer while it is connected to the Internet each has it's very own unique number. While you are reading this your computer which is sitting on your desk has been assigned a unique number different from any of the millions of other computers connected. You have a number just like does!

When you connect to the Internet you instantly fall into one of two categories of computers which make up the Internet. All of you right now are considered clients. Client computers simply receive information over the Internet which is served-up from other computers. Can you guess what the other category of computers are called? Yep, servers. Servers are computers like and, these are computers much like yours, but they just sit there answering "phone calls", request to their IP Address, from your computer asking for information. Did you know that when you use those file sharing programs such as Napster, KaZaa, etc.. your computer becomes a server itself. You are sharing information, so you are a server!

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