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ver wonder who your ancestors are? Well if your last name is Armer or if you know there are some Armers in your lineage, you have come to the right place.

Let's get started, shall we?
William Armer ( 1796? - ? ) is as far back as we can confirm, so we'll start there.

William Armer is estimated to have been born around 1796. This is estimated by using the earliest information we can find on him. The first of which is a State of Georgia Militia muster roll. Private William Armer was listed to have served from 01/05/1814 to 03/05/1814.

His marriage record also helps by stating he and Elizabeth Langley( 1789 - 1885 ) were united October 28, 1819 in Jackson Co., Georgia.

Elizabeth Langley and William Armer lived in Jackson Co. Georgia for the birth of their first 4 children: Daniel B. Armer, Joseph Armer, Elizabeth Armer, and Thomas Armer. The couple moved to Dallas Co. Alabama before the birth of their last child, Mary Armer.

Joseph Armer is who we are going to concentrate on now. If you would like to learn more about any of his siblings, click on their name in blue.
Joseph Armer ( 1824 - 1882 ) was born on December 29, 1824 in Georgia. Joining
Joseph Armer on the 26th of November 1841, was his first wife Mary Todd Grice
( 1817 - 1862 )
. By 1850 He had moved to Dallas Co. Alabama where He made a living as a farmer, and started having what would become 15 chidren with 3 wives. Joseph and Mary had six chidren: Mary L. Armer, William H. Armer, Thomas Armer, James Armer, Eliza Armer, and Frorence Armer.

2nd wife - Martha J. Todd ( 1837 - 1866 ) mothered:

3rd wife - Ellen Perdue ( 1867 - 1920 ) mothered:

William H. Armer is the next link in the chain. William H. Armer born May 26, 1845 in Dallas Co. Alabama, farmed the land just as his Father had done. William H. was one of the first Armers to move to a more familiar place to us, Arkansas. He made his home in Union Co. Arkansas, around this time he married his wife Marina L. Perdue ( 1850 - 1937 ). The two parented four children: William Edward Armer, John Lemuel Armer, Ida Armer, and Henry Curtis Armer.

Henry Curtis Armer is actually pictured on this web site! He was born on September 20, 1879 in Union Co. Arkansas. This is where he met and married his wife Mary Margaret Murphy. Henry and Mary, married January 25, 1900 in Arkansas, went on to have seven children: Annie M. Armer, ( William ) Thomas Armer, Hugh Reevely Armer, Virgie M. Armer, John H. Armer, Lillie I. Armer, and Tillie I. Armer.

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